Spider Man No Way Home Photoshop Tutorial

Spiderman No Way Home

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This time we are going to learn how to create this incredible Spiderman No Way Home effect with Adobe Photoshop let’s start let’s start by creating a file with the following measurements displayed on the screen then we drag the two images that we leave in the video description

Spider Man No Way Home Photoshop Tutorial

Spiderman No Way Home



1.First You Have To Download My HD Background Stock
2.Then You Have To Open Photoshop
3.When You Open The Photoshop Application You Have To Replace Your Photo With My HD Background
4.Then You Have To Erase Your Background With Photoshop Using PEN Tool Or Any Other Eraser Tool
5.And Then Adjust Your Photo With The Background
6.And You Can Also Add Some Effects Like ( HDR Effect , Smoke , Dudge And Burn , Shadow , Color Grading )
7.IF You Have Any Problem To Edit Your Picture Then Simply You Can Watch MY You Tube Videos Tutorial For More Information





and with ctrl + the T key we adjust the images as seen on the screen we put the image layer of the city on top and lower its opacity to be able to modify it better then we go to edit transform and click on warp to be able to Spiderman No Way Home

distort the image as seen on screen and give it that arc shape to match the umbrella now we apply a clipping mask and with the brush tool we eliminate the lower areas of the image now we select the subject layer and we go to image Spiderman No Way Home

adjustment and click on levels to modify the levels of the images seen on the screen then we select the city layer and lower the saturation by going to image adjustment and clicking on hue/saturation in the same way

we lower the saturation to the image of the subject now in the subject layer we right-click and rasterize the image thence go to image adjustment and select mat color to match the colors of the image here we select the file Spiderman No Way Home

where we are working and the color reference layer and change the values as seen on the screen in the city layer we apply curves to darken the image a little and with the brush we continue to eliminate some areas to achieve

a better fusion of images we also apply a curve effect on allayers lowering the opacity until obtaining an optimal result then we apply a hue/saturation effect click on the top icon on the Left to select the color of the jacket Spiderman No Way Home

and give it a red color select the layer mask for this effect and invert it by clicking ctrl + the I key and with a blank brush we colored the entire area of the jacket we can remove areas of the city with the brush until we are satisfied with a mixture of the images we apply a hue/saturation effect to lower the saturation to all images we also apply curve effect to darken

all the layers invert the layer mask of the effect and with the brush we only darken some parts as shown on screen we apply a curve effect again but this time to lighten the image and invert its layer mask and with the blanked brush revealed the lighter areas now we apply a color lookup effect to apply a more cinematic filter then we click ctrl + shift + the Alt key+ the e key

to get a layer with all the effects applied we go to filter and open the Camera Raw filter in Camera Raw filter we apply the values that are seen on the screen then we lower the noise to the  welcome to my YouTube channel this time we will learn to create this portal effect in Adobe Photoshop let’s start to begin we remind you that the images used in this effect will

be in the video description we will start by dragging the image of the subject towards the image of the ally we adjust the image so that it is cantered and we use the object selection tool to select the subject area Spiderman No Way Home

now with the quick selection tool we perfect the edges removing areas

that were selected and adding areas that were outside the selection is seen on the screen after refining the selection we apply allayer mask

now using the brush we fix the details of the edges of the subject take

your time to do this step so you will achieve an optimal result now

we will go to the portal image and drag it to the project where we are

working then we change the blending mode onscreen now we adjust the image of the

subjecting the portal so that the perspective of the images can coincide then in the porter

lair we go to image adjustment and click on hue/saturation and

change the color of the portal to amore greenish color now in this subject layer

we go to image adjustment and select color balance and move the colors that are seen on the

screen to give it a correct tone that the image of the subject matches the background

now we make this subject image invisible and duplicate with ctrl+ the J key the background

image in the duplicated image we are going to filter distort and click on twirl to make a spiral

effect we apply a layer mask and removed with brush some areas as seen on the screen

we change the blending mode to lighten and continue removing some areas with the brush

we make the subject layer visible and elect the dodge tool to lighten some areas of the subject

as seen on screen giving a lighting effect we adjust the portal layer

and apply allayer mask to remove some areas of the portal then we head to the bottom

of the layer window and apply a filter using color

lookup here we are going to select the 25 trip filter

we change the blend mode to lighten and lower the opacity of the layer now we apply

a hue/saturation effect to lower the saturation

of the layers in the layer mask of this effect we use the brush

to eliminate the effect in the portal area apply another look of color and select the

Kodak 5205 Fuji 3510 filter lower the opacity and change the blending mode to the one you like best

in this case I will select the overlays the way to merge since it seems to me the best for

this filter then we lower the opacity of this filter

so that it is not so noticeable now with ctrl + the Key we

adjust the image of the subject now we press the ctrl shift alt and Keys together to get

all the images and effects in a single layer then we

go to filter and open the Camera Raw filter in the

Camera Raw filter options we change the values as shown on the screen then we

go to the detail options and increase the luminance as

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