Shang Chi Photoshop Tutorial

Background Photoshop Png

Hello everyone in this tutorial we are going to create a Shang Chi Photoshop Tutorial photo manipulation   in GIMP. Let’s begin! Create a new canvas in here go to file > new and i set to this size then hit ok import the cloud image in file >

Shang Chi Photoshop Tutorial


  1. First You Have To Download My HD Background Stock
  2. Then You Have To Open Photoshop
  3. When You Open the Photoshop Application You Have To Replace Your Photo with My HD Background
  4. Then You Have To Erase Your Background with Photoshop Using PEN Tool or Any Other Eraser Tool
  5. And Then Adjust Your Photo with the Background
  6. And You Can Also Add Some Effects Like (HDR Effect, Smoke, Dodge and Burn, Shadow, Color Grading)
  7. IF You Have Any Problem to Edit Your Picture Then Simply You Can Watch MY You Tube Videos Tutorial for More Information




 open as layer and choose this you can scale it down by pressing SHIFT+S and hold CTRL+SHIFT while scaling or you can hold   SHIFT only like this and press ENTER make it straight with rotate tool press SHIFT+R

just drag it around here and press ENTER you can move it down a little around this next create some masking in here so just only the clouds in here right click > add layer mask and   choose this white full opacity then hit add.

With gradient tool click this icon or the shortcut is G make sure you choose the color to default the black and white and   black as the active color and the shape in this linear mode just click it and just drag it up around here and press ENTER.

Open up another image for the sky in file > open as layer and   choose this. Scale it down by pressing SHIFT+S and hold CTRL+SHIFT while scaling   press ENTER.

you can move it around here at the boat, in file open as layer >choose this move layer to the top   by dragging and move it to here with move tool just place it around here create some masking again by right click add layer mask and choose this white full opacity then click

add click the Paintbrush tool or shortcut is P make sure the black color in selected and just brush it adjust the boat contrast you can click this and go to color > curves just turn down a little then click ok now we’re going to add our models in here by going to

file > open as layer choose this   just hit convert. This time we’re going to use the advanced selection   in GIMP. i think it’s still the best method how you can cut out the advanced part like this hair make it this desaturate, color > desaturate > and choose this

desaturate again click okay next make some contrast with curves, in color > curves then just turn it down around here and click ok all right now let’s import the color in color > invert.  We’re going to select with Bezier

tool because we want this part in our selection, the skin. press B and start selecting from here make sure you select the dark area and the face when almost finished hold CTRL, you see this chain icon then click and press ENTER.

Now fill it with white color in edit choose fill with background color   because our background color is white. deselect it in select > none click move tool and see our selection now adjust the contrast again you can go to color > curves

and this time we’re going to make it really dark until you see this black and white color and you can brush this white noise with black color   with brush tool click this icon and just brush it to make it clean in the original layer create new layer mask here Press Ctrl+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste in here and click this anchor icon.

so you see our selection is perfectly clean apply the layer mask by right click   apply the layer mask. okay let’s bring it to our canvas in here bring layer to the top   press SHIFT+S to scale it down and hold CTRL+SHIFT to make it proportional scale around this and press ENTER. Now we’re going to hide some part   with masking but first you can reduce the opacity to see through it with bezier tool just follow this boat shape when almost finished hold ctrl then click and press enter.

while in selected you can right   click on the woman layer add layer mask > white full opacity then hit add click the paint brush tool make sure the black color is in active, then just brush it don’t forget to deselect in select > choose none and turn up the opacity again add the butterfly and file > open and adjust this you see this in one png you have to

separate it with Bezier tool press B and start from here hold CTRL then click and press enter   then press ctrl c to copy then ctrl v to paste. the floating selection will appear   just click this create new layer

this butterfly in one layer and let’s rename it so i’m going to select this layer and move to the canvas and place it on here bring layer to the top   so you can see the butterfly and scale it down by pressing SHIFT+S press it on here press enter

okay you can adjust the contrast a little in color   curves and just turn it down a little add more butterfly and let’s add the bird in file > open choose this it is in one file same like the butterfly PNG you have to separate

it with Bezier tool press B and start to select this press CTRL+C to copy then CTRL+V to paste and choose click this create new layer so just rename it place it on here bring it to the top and scale it down by pressing SHIFT+S around here and just add more you can flip it with flip tool by pressing SHIFT+F and just make sure you choose this horizontal then click okay.

and place it on here just add one more add the glow to the orb go to file >open as layer and choose this. you can scale it down by pressing SHIFT+S and hold CTRL+SHIFT while scaling   and you can place the orb around this press enter. And now we’re going to change layer mode to screen   or you can see my previous video how to make glow effect in GIMP it’s complete

explanation you can watch the video. And change layer mode to screen you can change the glow color in color hue and saturation, just make it this yellow and click ok next we are going to create the glow affect to the woman you can create this new layer and name it glow with print brush tool you can change the color to some of this yellow reduce the size and select

the woman in right click > alpha to selection   and back in the glow layer, then just brush it so it will affect only to the woman’s skin. and you can change layer mode to overlay and deselect it in select and choose none

if it’s too much you can reduce the opacity around this and now the last thing we’re going to finalize the result right click on the top of layer choose   new layer from visible and i usually make some high pass filter you can go to

filter > enhance >this high pass and change the mode to overlay. and just adjust it just a little click ok and you can try with these colors let’s try color temperature and just turn it down it’s make a big difference

right then click ok feel free you can tweak this setting in well done you have created a simple dreamy fantasy photo manipulation  in GIMP.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial keep practicing and explore your imagination   Sony Jackson create something good today! Thanks for watching