Scam 1992 Movie Poster

Scam 1992 Movie Poster

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This is Sony Jackson. I’m going to show you how to create the Scam 1992 Movie Poster effect  I provided this image that you can download, so you can follow along. Its link is the video’s description or project files.

Scam 1992 Movie Poster

Scam 1992 Movie Poster


  1. First You Have To Download My HD Background Stock
  2. Then You Have To Open Picsart
  3. When You Open the Picsart Application You Have To Replace Your Photo with My HD Background
  4. Then You Have To Erase Your Background with Picsart or Any Other Eraser Tool
  5. And Then Adjust Your Photo with the Background
  6. And You Can Also Add Some Effects Like (HDR Effect, Smoke, Dodge and Burn, Shadow, Color Grading)
  7. IF You Have Any Problem to Edit Your Picture Then Simply You Can Watch MY You Tube Videos Tutorial for More Information





Scam 1992 Movie Poster

Open a clear, focused, high resolution photo of someone that you’d like to use for this project. We’ll place it into the broken mirror document. If you’re Move Tool isn’t active, press “v”on your keyboard and drag your subject onto the tab of the mirror. Without releasing your mouse or pen, drag it down and release.

Reduce its opacity, so we can see the mirror under it. Next, we’ll size and position our subject by opening our Transform Tool. Press Ctrl or Cmd + T. To see the Transform’s entire bounding box, press Ctrl or Cmd + 0.  Scam 1992 Movie Poster

Go to a corner.  If you’re using a version earlier than CC2019, press and hold Alt or Option + Shift as you drag it out or in. If you’re using a later version, just press Alt or Option as you drag it. Scam 1992 Movie Poster

To position it, go inside the bounding box and drag it. Then, press Enter or Return. To zoom back in, press Ctrl or Cmd and the plus key a couple of times or press Ctrl or Cmd + 0 to fit it onto your canvas. Scam 1992 Movie Poster

Now that we sized and positioned the subject, increase its opacity back to 100%. We’ll place it into a folder by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + G. Click the lock icon to unlock the mirror background and drag the folder under your subject. Scam 1992 Movie Poster

Make the subject active and convert it into a Smart Object, so we can modify it non-destructively. To do this, click the icon at the upper, right and click “Convert to Smart Object”. We’ll make a dozen copies of it by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + J twelve times. We made a copy for each of the broken shards of the mirror. Later, if we need to, we’ll make more copies.  Make the top layer active.

Open your Pen Tool. I did an in-depth tutorial on the Pen Tool, so if you’d like to watch it, I provided its link, as well. Click outside the image, release and click and drag your tool in the direction of the crack. To close the path, click the first anchor point. Right-click or secondary-click directly on the path and click “Make selection”. The “Feather Radius” is 0 pixels and “Anti-aliased “is checked.

Click the top subject in the folder to make it active and click the Layer Mask icon to make a layer mask of the selection next to the subject. Make the subject under it active and draw work path over another shard. Right-click on the path and convert it into a selection. Keep the same settings and click OK or presenter or Return. As before, click the Layer Mask icon to make a layer mask of the selection next to the active layer.

Make the next layer active and repeat the steps of drawing a work path of another shard, converting it into a selection and making a layer mask of it next to it. Continue these steps until you’ve created layer masks of each shard that you’d like to reflect your subject in. At the bottom, we need to make sure we have a copy of our subject with no layer mask next to it, in order for the broken mirror image to appear correctly.

Do to this, make a copy of your subject and remove its layer mask by dragging it to the trash. We’re going to reposition the subjects inside their respective layer masks, so we need to click off the chain-link icons to unlink them. Doing this ensures that when we reposition or resize the subject, the layer masks will remain in position. Make the cracked mirror active and open your Channels panel.

If you don’t see it, go to Window and Channels. Ctrl or Cmd-click the RGB thumbnail to make a selection of all the tones of the cracked image. Open back the Layers panel and press Ctrl or Cmd + J to cut and copy the area that’s inside the selection onto its own layer. Then, hide the black and white, cracked image. Make the top subject in the folder active and open your Transform Tool.

Drag the subject over and increase its size a bit by dragging the Width or the Height to the right. Make sure the chain-link icon is active when you do it in order to retain the subject’s aspect ratio. Then, press Enter or Return. Open your Move Tool and check “Auto-Select”. This automatically selects the layer that’s associated with the image you click. So, for example, when I click the image here, it automatically activates that layer associated with it.

Open your Transform Tool, reposition it and resize it to your liking. Click on another shard to activate its layer and repeat the steps. Continue this on various shards until you’re happy with the subject within them. Lastly, we’ll blur areas within subject. Click the image that you’d like to blur and go to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur. I’ll blur it 4 pixels.

To selectively reveal back an area of the subject within a shard, make the Blur layer mask active and open your Brush Tool. Open your Brush Picker and pick a soft, round brush. I’ll make its size 500 pixels, but feel free to adjust this amount. The Hardness is 0% and the Opacity and Flow are both 100%. Go to the center of the location you’d like to restore and click once.

If you want to blur another shard, first, click any of the subjects to deactivate the layer mask. Press “v” to open back your Move Tool and click on a subject that you’d like to blur. Click Alt + Ctrl + F on Windows or Option+ Cmd + F on a Mac to open the last filter we used.

This time, I’ll blur it 2 pixels. Make the new blur layer mask active and press “B” to open your Brush Tool. Click once over the centre of the area you’d like to bring back into focus. Scam 1992 Movie Poster

This is Sony Jackson Thanks for watching.