Picsart Diwali Poster Editing

Picsart Diwali Poster Editing

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Hi. This is Sony Jackson. I’m going to show you how to create Picsart Diwali Poster Editing This works for text, clip art and any other one color, high-contrast   image.

Picsart Diwali Poster Editing

Picsart Diwali Poster Editing


  1. First You Have To Download My HD Background Stock
  2. Then You Have To Open Picsart
  3. When You Open the Picsart Application You Have To Replace Your Photo with My HD Background
  4. Then You Have To Erase Your Background with Picsart or Any Other Eraser Tool
  5. And Then Adjust Your Photo with the Background
  6. And You Can Also Add Some Effects Like (HDR Effect, Smoke, Dodge and Burn, Shadow, Color Grading)
  7. IF You Have Any Problem to Edit Your Picture Then Simply You Can Watch MY You Tube Videos Tutorial for More Information





Picsart Diwali Poster Editing

 Feel free to use different leather texture if you’d like. Before we begin, if you   haven’t yet subscribed to Sony Jackson, make sure you click that small “Subscribe” button at   the lower right, so you know as soon as I upload new Photoshop tutorials. Open a high-contrast,   high-resolution, black and white image that you’d like to use for this project.

Or you can choose to   type in text over the leather background instead. To place the design onto the leather background,   press “v” to open your Move Tool and drag it onto the tab of the leather background. Picsart Diwali Poster Editing

Without releasing your mouse or pen, drag it down and release. To resize it, open your Transform   Tool by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + T. Go to a corner press and hold Alt or Option + Shift as you drag it in or out. Picsart Diwali Poster Editing

If you’re using a later version,   just press Alt or Option as you drag it. Then, press Enter or Return. We’ll remove the white   background surrounding the design by using the Magic Wand Tool. I’ll make its Tolerance:   10 pixels. Picsart Diwali Poster Editing

Click anywhere on the white background and press the “Delete” key on your keyboard.   Deselect it by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + D. We’ll convert the design or the text into a Smart   Object, so we can modify it non-destructively and allow us to replace it with a different design or   different text. To do this, click the icon at the upper right and click “Convert to Smart Object”.

Go to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur. Blur it 1 pixel.   Go back to Filter, Distort and “Ripple”. Make the amount minus 60 % and the Size:   Small. We’ll convert our visible design or text into a Smart Object again and then make a copy of   it by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + J. Hide the copy and make the original active. Reduce the “Fill” to 0%.  Picsart Diwali Poster Editing

This make the design or the text invisible, however, it’ll retain the visibility of all   the effects we add to it. Double-click an empty area of the layer to open its Layer Style window.   I ll move it over, so we I’ll be able to see more of the design. Click “Drop Shadow”. Click the box   and when the Color Picker opens, pick white. The Blend Mode is “Overlay” and the Opacity is 30%.   “Global Light” is unchecked.

The Angle is minus 135 degrees. The Distance is 20 pixels,   the Spread is 2% and the Size is 60 pixels. The Contour is Linear and the Noise is 20%.   Click “Gradient Overlay”. The Blend Mode is multiply and the Opacity is 40%.   Click the Gradient bar to open the Gradient Editor. Click the black and white preset   The Style is Linear, the Angle is 55 degrees and the Scale is 100% Click “Bevel and Emboss”.

The Style is “Outer Bevel”, the Technique is “Smooth” and the Depth is 75% The Direction   is “Up”, the Size is 10 pixels and the “Soften” is 6 pixels As before, Global Light is unchecked.   The Angle is minus 120 degrees, the Altitude is 30 degrees and the Contour is Linear   The Highlight mode is “Hard Mix”, the color is white and the opacity is 40%   The Shadow Mode is irrelevant, since its opacity is 0%   To save some space in the Layers panel, let’s collapse the Smart Filters.

Make the top layer visible and active and reduce the Fill to 0%   Double-click an empty area to open its Layer Style window and click “Bevel and Emboss”   The Style is Outer Bevel, the Technique is Smooth and the Depth is 250%  Picsart Diwali Poster Editing

The Direction is down, the Size is 10 pixels and the Soften is 5 pixels The Angle is 60 degrees   and the Altitude is 40 degrees Open the Contour list and click the gear icon Click the Small or   Large List, scroll to “Rounded Steps” and click it Make the Highlight Blend Mode:   Color Dodge and the Opacity: 30% The Shadow Mode is multiply and its opacity is 60%   Click “Inner Shadow” Make the Blend Mode is multiply and its opacity is 60% If Global Light   is checked, uncheck it and make the Angle: 30 degrees.

The Distance is 8 pixels, the Chose is 0%   and the Size is 10 pixels. Open the Contour list and scroll to “Half Round”. Click “Inner Glow”.   The Blend Mode is multiply and the Opacity is 40%. The Color is black. Click the gradient bar   to open the Gradient Editor. Click the “Foreground to Transparent” preset   Make the Size: 25 pixels and the Contour Linear.

The Range is 70%   and the Jitter is 20% Jitter essentially varies the gradient’s color and opacity   Click “Drop Shadow” The Blend Mode is “Linear Light”, the Opacity is 20% and the Angle is 45   degrees The Distance is 4 pixels, the Spread is 10% and the Size is 30 pixels The Noise is 0%   Now that we have our design or text stamped into leather, I’ll show you how to place   it in perspective and make it look as if you photographed it with a close-up lens   using a low depth-of-field, which blurs the image the further away it is from your camera.

Let’s collapse the Smart Filters. We’ll place the two layers that comprise our design into   a folder by Shift-clicking the lower one to make it active as well, and pressing Ctrl or Cmd + G.   I’ll name it, “Logo”, but you can name it whatever you like. In adjusting its perspective, we’ll be   increasing the left half of our entire image, so we’ll need to decrease the size of our design   or text over the leather background.

Open your Transform Tool, reduce it approximately this much   and reposition it to approximately here We can always resize and reposition it later if we need   to. Shift-click the background to make it active as well, and convert them into one Smart Object   Go to Edit, Transform and Perspective We’re going to need more room around our image, so press Ctrl   or Cmd and the Minus key on our keyboard a couple of times to zoom out.

Go to the top,   left corner and drag it up approximately this much Then, press Enter or Return.   Now that I see it, I want to raise it up a bit. So, I’ll double-click the Smart Object   to open its source and drag the logo up Then, I’ll close the tab If you see this message,   just click, “Yes” to update the Smart Object.

To zoom back in, press Ctrl or Cmd and “Plus” key on   your keyboard a couple of times or you can fill your canvas by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + 0 Next.,   we’ll add a soft blur on the right side of our image to replicate the look of a photo that was   shot using a low, depth-of-field. Make a copy of the layer go to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur.   I’ll blur it 7 pixels.  the Layer Mask icon to make it active open your Gradient Tool.

Click the gradient bar and   make sure the linear gradient icon is active.the “Black, White” preset thumbnail.   Go to the middle of your design and press and hold the Shift key   as you drag the tool approximately half the distance to the right edge.

  This is Sony Jackson Thanks for watching!