Picsart Ben 10 Photo Editing Tutorial Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

Picsart Ben 10 Photo Editing Tutorial Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

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Picsart Ben 10 Photo Editing Tutorial Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

Picsart Ben 10 Photo Editing Tutorial Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

Welcome to Sony Jackson I’m your teacher Sony and today I’m here with a new series in this series there will be short video difference between 2 tools or options in today’s video I will tell you how to change background in Photoshop.



1.First You Have To Download My HD Background Stock

2.Then You Have To Open Picsart

3. When You Open The Picsart App You Have To Replace Your Photo With MY HD Background

4.Then You Have To Erase Your Background With Picsart OR Any Other Eraser APP

5.And Then Adjust Your Photo With The Background

6.And You Can Also Add Some Effects LIKE ( HDR Effect, Smoke , Dodge And Burn , Shadow , Color Grading )

7. If You Have Any Problem To Edit Your Picture Then Simply You Can Watch My YouTube Tutorial For More Information


You Can Download My Background From Clicking To The Download Button On The Down Below



Picsart Ben 10 Photo Editing Tutorial




If you are familiar with layer mask in Photoshop or if you haven’t used or know then click on the link which just appeared and watch my video on Layer Mask in Photoshop so that you can understand Layer Mask first basically let me tell you that Layer Mask is an option by which we can erase a portion of any layer and then we can also bring it back so it is like a window on your layer and from that window we can show any part or we can hide any part of that layer simply a replacement for Eraser tool Eraser tool is a destructive tool means, once you erased any part it cannot come back we can bring back by Undo but if you have saved and closed that file then you can’t bring it back now on the other hand,

Picsart Ben 10 Photo Editing Tutorial

  • Layer Mask or Masking is an option in which we can erase some portion of a layer but then we can bring it back again now there are 2 types of mask, although there’s one more, Clipping Mask I’m not going to discuss that in this video right now our topic is Difference between Layer Mask and Vector Mask Regarding my Photoshop Playlist it was pointed, oh yes I missed that.
  • So this class is related to same topic So, now let’s look at my screen Let me give you a brief idea about what is Masking in general as I said earlier, masking is used to erase any area of your layer or to show some portion of your layer I have this image at the background layer and on top of that I have a text layer with the text “IMPOSSIBLE” I want to erase this text in a way that this text should appear behind this skateboarder obviously we can’t take this text behind this background layer so we have a simple solution that we erase this text which is in front of his body and to erase this
  • one method is to click on this mask button and just paint with the help of brush with full flow and opacity with black color so now when you paint black on this mask so you can see on the mask where I painted black   that area will get hidden or erased and if I paint white on mask then my text layer will appear back by the way this yellow circle is just an indication of my cursor so you can see where’s my cursor No on the other hand what is Vector Mask? when we can use pen tool for a very precise selection so we can also make mask with pen tool and for masking let me tell you a very simple solution I’m decreasing the opacity of this text layer and making a selection with pen tool on this guy well in this particular image we can even use Quick Selection Tool to select this person sorry just click on the image layer and I made a selection of this guy with quick selection tool which is very easy if you inverse this selection and at the bottom of layer panel click on mask button so we just get a normal Layer Mask and easily the text is now behind this person but in some cases we need a very precise selection in this particular image it was easy to select with quick selection because this is a silhouette and completely black but sometimes we have a difficult selection which can only be made which can be made with Pen tool in a better way that’s what I want to show you you will make a path with pen tool just pick the pen tool make sure that you select path on top property bar and start making selection of this guy alright so I have made a path on this area and over here I’m just making the selection of my text so this is just a path right now there’s nothing going to happen we will convert this path in to a mask, so these 2 paths are complete now keep in mind once you are done with whole path let me increase the opacity of this layer so that you can see it properly if see below the pen tool on tool bar there’s a Type Tool and below that there’s a selection tool this is Path Selection Tool.

Picsart Ben 10 Photo Editing Tutorial

If your tool bar is in double column the this Path Selection Tool will be exactly below the Pen Tool just take this path selection tool and select these both paths with Path Selection

Tool now in order to make the mask one method is just to right click with mouse a

nd click on Create Vector Mask done. And the 2nd method is that select both paths and while

pressing CTRL key on your keyboard click on the mask button and it will also create a

Vector Mask so now we have a mask very similar to the layer

mask BUT the question is still there if both masks

are giving same result then what is the difference? well see the difference

is that sometimes we use layer mask if we need very some

mask with feather and very smooth we can use in such situations

well infect we can also add feather in vector mask but on layer mask we can make mask by

using brush tool but when we need a very precise selection then it

vector mask has path now if you still want to edit this

mask see from here you can simply take direct

selection and with the help of this direct selection you can

select any anchor point and you can edit the shape of

your path and this gives you a very precise control over your path and you can do very precise editing on your mask

Mask and Vector Mask it’s not a big issue. You can use either if you are

comfortable in using vector mask then you can use that and if you are more comfortable in using Layer Mask the you can use that.

There’s no problem but I would suggest, if you need to make a precise and delicate mask then go for vector mask now I want to show you one more thing like I said earlier, you can add feather in vector mask too so how do we do that,

let me zoom it a bit just click on the masked layer and double click on the mask once you double click on mask here you can see this box with vector mask written and here you can see Feather other option is density

if I decrease the value of density then our masked area will start to reappear I don’t know but sometimes we may need this.

I’m just keeping it at 100% and if you want to increase feather you can increase feather value

from this slider so in short vector mask is not so rigid mask which has

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