How To Turn Yourself Into Falcon

How To Turn Yourself Into Falcon

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Hello everyone! In this tutorial, I’m going to show you How To Turn Yourself Into Falcon, using only Photoshop. And all these details are made without even using the Pen Tool! After completing this tutorial, you will be able to convert any photo into a vector in less than a minute! Please LIKE the video and let’s get started!

How To Turn Yourself Into Falcon

How To Turn Yourself Into Falcon


1.First You Have To Download My HD Background Stock
2.Then You Have To Open Photoshop
3.When You Open The Photoshop Application You Have To Replace Your Photo With My HD Background
4.Then You Have To Erase Your Background With Photoshop Using PEN Tool Or Any Other Eraser Tool
5.And Then Adjust Your Photo With The Background
6.And You Can Also Add Some Effects Like ( HDR Effect , Smoke , Dudge And Burn , Shadow , Color Grading )
7.IF You Have Any Problem To Edit Your Picture Then Simply You Can Watch MY You Tube Videos Tutorial For More Information




Step 1. Create the Vector Effect. Let’s start by creating a New Document. Change Width to 3500 and Height to 2500 then click Create. Go to File> Place Embedded to import your image. Just select your image then click Place. Increase your image size so that the object fills the canvas, then press ENTER. Use any selection tool to make a selection around your object.

In my case, since I have a lot of dark areas near these black tires. I will use the Pen tool for more accurate selection After making your selection, click on the mask icon to isolate your object. Now click on this lock icon to unlock your “Background” layer. How To Turn Yourself Into Falcon

Select both layers by holding the CTRL key, then right-click and choose Convert to Smart Object. Double-click the smart object Thumbnail to open it. I’ve just added this white layer to the smart object…to make the smart object dimension the same as the main document dimension. How To Turn Yourself Into Falcon

Now delete it, then press CTRL+S to update your smart object.Close the Smart object and get back to your main document.Now, select your layer, then go to Filter> Sharpen> and choose Unsharp Mask.Change Amount to 150, Radius to 1.5, and Threshold to 0. Then click OK. How To Turn Yourself Into Falcon

Since we are working with smart object, all filters will be applied as a smart filters like that.With your layer selected, let’s apply the Diffuse Filter.Change Mode to Anisotropic and click OK. How To Turn Yourself Into Falcon

Apply it again from the latest applied filter.Now go to Filter> Stylize and apply the Oil Paint filter.Change Stylization to 3.5, Cleanliness to 2, Scale to 0.1, Bristle Details 0, and uncheck Lighting. Then click OK. How To Turn Yourself Into Falcon

You can skip adding the oil paint step if your oil paint filter is missing or doesn’t work.Again with your layer selected, go to Filter> Blur> and choose the Smart Blur filter.Change Radius to 50, and threshold to 15. then click OK. How To Turn Yourself Into Falcon

Now go to filter> Blur> and choose Surface Blur.Change Radius to 15, and Threshold to 10. then click OK.As you can see, these filters have been applied to smooth your image surface like that.Now let’s apply the Unsharp Mask again.Change Amount to 250, and Radius to 5, then click OK.Finally, Go to the Filter Gallery.And under the Artistic folder, choose the Cutout filter.

Change it to 8, 4, and 1.This filter plus all previous filters together will give your image that cartoon look.Click OK, and let’s move to the next step.Step 2. Vectorizing EverythingI made an action to automate the process for you. You can download it from the description below.If you want to know how the vectorizing process works, please check the pinned comment on this video.

Now let’s go to Window> Actions, to open the Actions panel.And from this little icon, choose Load actions.Select your action and click Load.You will get 3 different actions. each action gives you a vector with a specific number of colors.Now select your layer, then Select the action you want, and click on Run.Wait a little bit.A color range window will come next,Just pick any color and click this until you finish all colors.These picked colors will be removed from your image and converted into a hidden shape layer like that.

Let’s speed up this part!After picking all colors, go and unhide them from this little eye icon.Here we have 16 customizable shape layers.You can also change the color of any layer by double-clicking on this little shape icon.

Also you can use the Pen Tool or the Direct selection Tool to modify any layers like this.Step 3. Export to Illustrator.

First, let’s export this to illustrator or any vector software.Just go to File> and choose Save AsChange file type to “EPS”, then click Save.

Leave these settings as mine, and make sure that “Include Vector Data” is checked.

Then click OK.Now let’s open that saved file.Here is our vector drawing!You can deal with it as a pure vector and modify it as you like.

Now let’s get back to our tutorial.

Close this document, and let’s move to the final step.Step 4. Repeat the process.First, You will need to update this existing image.Just double-click on the smart object thumbnail to open it.

Now, we are inside the smart object, let’s import the new image here.

Resize it to make the object fill the canvas like that.After that, make a selection around your object using any selection tool.After making your selection create a layer mask out of it.

Hide or delete the other layer.Press CTRL+S to update your smart object.Get back to your main document.Select your layer, then select the action you want, and click RUN.

Then pick the colors like the same previous step.Unhide all layers.That’s it for today!Please LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE for more free tutorials!Thanks for Watching!